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In-Home Measurements

An estimate takes on average 30 min. We will bring samples and try to inspect the subfloor (can't X-RAY) to make sure what material is compatible. We will measure all areas and explain in detail the installation process from start to finish (from 30 year install experience). We will be completely truthful and honest. Please contact us for assistance.

Lighting can differ from a retail store to a private home / apartment. Dalton will "instruct DIY" in a customer's home. Small projects can be done by a homeowner with a small amount of coaching. We are also on-call after hours for "Flooring Tech Support."

Interior Design Consultation

Rosalind is available to provide you with Interior Design Consultation. Please contact us to set up a design consultation.


Our son Victor installs with one of our crews. He has a stake in the business as an owner to guard the company's reputation with hard work, honesty, and commonsense. An installer is in a customer's home sometimes 10 times longer than the customer is in the store shopping for flooring. As an installer / owner, workers respect Dalton and know they represent SAV-ON and Dalton with good manners while in a customer's home. An entire house can take 1-2 days. Kitchen could take one day. A Bath 3-5 hours. To schedule installation services, please contact us.

Note On Padding:
Don't be so fast to get the so-called approved pad for hard surface flooring. Some instances carpet pad can be re-used (only walkways/halls re-padded).  

Carpet Binding

We bind custom cut carpet in-house in 2-3 days. Please contact our store for more information.


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